5 Outrageous things that happen at London restaurants

London is known to be a hub spot of fun and excitement. Apart from its lovely buildings and being home to the world’s famous queen, London is also home to some of the best restaurants that you will love to dine in. Most of these restaurants have some unique and interesting things that are always happening in them. They range from unique delicacies to some of the most captivating sights of all times.

Here are the interesting things that you should watch out when you visit some of these hidden restaurants in London:


The press for Champaign button at Bob Bob Ricard


Free advice, make sure you have enough money before you press the Champaign button. Bob Ricard is one of the unique and famous restaurants in London. It’s very popular for its press for Champaign’ button situated at the side of every table in the restaurant. All you have to do is press the button, and your Champaign glass will never run dry. This unique trick makes it almost impossible to get a reservation as everyone wants to experience the magical press for Champaign button.


Go Underground: The tube restaurant


This restaurant completely went above and beyond with its creativity. The Tube restaurant is a very fun stop to have a delicious meal. The unique part about this place is that it is situated in an underground train carriage. This makes it superb and unique giving its customers` nothing less than a wonderful experience. Its positioning also makes it one of the hidden restaurants in London.


The unique menu at Archipelago


This restaurant has one of the strangest delicacies that will amaze you. It’s a spot where you will find almost any kind of meat delicacy including that of scorpions and crocodiles. If eating any of these is in your bucket list then visit Archipelago, and you will have almost anything you want.


Visually impaired staff at Dan’s Le Noir

Dans Le Noir

Dan’s Le Noir is not just a restaurant but an experience anyone would yearn for. In this culinary restaurant, you get to eat in total darkness, and the best part is that you are served by a visually impaired staff. It is very creepy yet very interesting. It is a restaurant everyone wants to visit in London all thanks to its uniqueness.


Cooking your meal at Rango’s Hot Stone Kitchen


This is a very good restaurant for those people who like yelling at waiters and waitresses for delivering pre-cooked food. Here, if you eat anything less than cooked, blame yourself. Rango’s hot stone kitchen gives you the opportunity to prepare your food. The waiters serve you on hot plates, and you get to work. It is one of the best restaurants to visit. It is true that London is the place to be if you want to enjoy every bit of your time. For those who love dining, the above only but a few places will give you the best dining experience. Once you are done with this places, you will have enjoyed not only a great meal but also had a great experience.

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